Friday, January 8, 2010

The Dashboard - Blogger

Blogger's user interface is called the dashboard. This is the place where all the blogging magic happens. It is a central hub for all that is blogging. If your like me and become addicted to blogging and decide to set up multiple blogs they will all be listed on one page...the dashboard. If you follow other blogs they will all be listed on one page...the dashboard and whenever you want to post, edit etc you go to one page...the dashboard. Get where I'm going with this? EVERYTHING goes back to the dashboard. So here's a time saving tip, add you blogger dashboard page to your favorites and instead of logging in every time just hit your favs' and it will take you right there.

So let's get familiar with it.

This is where you will come to post a new blog entry, edit existing blog entries, adjust your settings, edit your layout, and monetize your blog.  So let's post a new entry. Click on NEW POST then you'll see this

So First of all enter the title of your post. Then type out your blog entry. Where is says labels for this post type in all the descriptive words you can think of. Then hit publish post and that's all there is to it.

And then then this screen will pop up. To view your post hit the view post.  This is what our fist blog post looks like. This is the very basic minima template. We will have a completely different look a few tutorials down the line.
Now if you need to edit your post or change any settings or your layout you will use the tabs seen below.
We'll get more into that later!

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